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Extra Delivery Service

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Extra Delivery Service

Document Serving

Ready Deliveries is an expert document courier. We are the ideal solution if you:

    • Need to serve important documents urgently.
    • If you have special instructions relating to your documents such as sign-off in various destinations.
    • Need the utmost confidentiality in special circumstances – such as simultaneous deliveries various destinations.
    • Our Riders/Drivers can coordinate deliveries to ensure no person can inform others of pending document serving.

Document serving? Experience the Ready Deliveries difference. When it comes to the important matter of document delivery, Ready Deliveries always go the extra mile. Once served, we’ll return your documents with a short report along with a Statement of Service.

Individual Services

Passport and visas courier service
Ready Deliveries can take your passport to a consulate or High Commission and have your visa in your passport ready for your departure. And that leaves you free to do that last minute packing. You may well be surprised by what we can offer you, including:

    • Waiting in line or drop the passport off
    • Collecting your passport or visa the following day if necessary
    • Collecting passports or on behalf of foreign nationals from the relevant offices in Nairobi
    • Collecting and delivering letters of authority in order to collect documents on your behalf.

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